Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme

Fully-funded four year PhD programme in an international scientific environment

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Applications opening in October to join CPH Bioscience PhD in 2022

CBPP2021Call_online_rectangleThe 2022 call is planned to open in October 2021 – follow this page and our social media for info and updates about the call. Candidates apply for one of 16 positions in the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme, with a new team starting September each year. To find out more about the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme, check out this Q+A.


Sign up now for CPH Bioscience PhD courses

PHD day 1We run five courses as part of our pre-doc curriculum that are also open to other enrolled PhD students: ‘Introduction to Molecular Bioscience’, ‘Stem Cell Research and Critical Thinking’, ‘Protein Research and Critical Thinking’, ‘Basic Metabolic Research and Critical Thinking’ and ‘Bioengineering and Critical Thinking’. A version of one of the courses, ‘Introduction to Molecular Bioscience’ is also open to Master’s students. Registration for ‘Introduction to Molecular Bioscience’, ‘Stem Cell Research and Critical Thinking‘ and ‘Protein Research and Critical Thinking‘ is now open, and registration for the other two courses offered in the 2021-2022 academic year will open soon. Check our Courses page for links to course descriptions, registration details and deadlines.

Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshots

The Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshots are a series of seminars organized and hosted by CPH Bioscience PhD students.


The second Snapshot of 2021 took place online on May 26, with the theme ‘From Bench to Biotech: Translation of Fundamental Research into Marketable Products’ – speakers Jaide Jensen and Jeffrey Toretsky.

For a full list of past Snapshots, see the Seminars page. And stay tuned for more Snapshots later in 2021!

CPH Bioscience PhD Defenses

defenseThe first group of CPH Bioscience PhD students, who started in 2016, completed the programme in Autumn 2020. Jenny Landberg, Daria Sergeeva, David Romero Suarez, Camila Alvarez Silva, Hana Sedlackova, Anamarija Pfeiffer, Lisa Schubert, Lili Niu and Karolina Ditrych Hvid have become the first nine Copenhagen Bioscience PhD students to defend their theses – and we look forward to celebrating more defenses over the coming months.

Student Publications

First-author publications from CPH Bioscience PhD students so far in 2021 include: Fasting plasma GLP-1 is associated with overweight/obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors in children and adolescents (Sara Stinson); Trans-ethnic gut microbiota signatures of type 2 diabetes in Denmark and India (Camila Alvarez-Silva); Quantitative single-cell proteomics as a tool to characterize cellular hierarchies (Benjamin Furtwรคngler); Genome-scale metabolic modeling of P. thermoglucosidasius NCIMB 11955 reveals metabolic bottlenecks in anaerobic metabolism (Vivienne Mol); A reporter system for cytosolic protein aggregates in yeast (David Romero-Suarez).

Our students have contributed to at least 82 peer-reviewed scientific publications since the programme began in Sept 2016 – including articles in Nature, Science and Cell.

Keep up the good work, everyone!