Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme

Fully-funded four year PhD programme in an international scientific environment

News and Events

CPH Bioscience PhD defenses

Novo Nordisk Fonden PhD-program ceremoni.

Thirty-three Copenhagen Bioscience PhD students have defended their theses so far – including, in 2023: Svetlana Volkova, Ulises Hernandez Guzman, Vivienne Mol, Anna Drozd, Justine Turlin and Bettina Lengger. We look forward to celebrating more defenses in the coming months.

Student Publications

First-author publications from CPH Bioscience PhD students so far in 2023 include: Towards a better understanding of diabetes mellitus using organoid models (Belin Selcen Beydag-Tasöz); Full activation of thermogenesis in brown adipocytes requires Basigin action (Kaja Rupar).

Our students have contributed to at least 154 scientific publications since the programme began in Sept 2016 – including articles in Nature, Science and Cell.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme Courses

PHD day 1

We run five courses as part of our pre-doc curriculum that are also open to other enrolled PhD students. A version of one of the courses, ‘Introduction to Molecular Bioscience’, is also open to Master’s students. Registration for ‘Introduction to Molecular Bioscience’ (PhD version / Master’s version), ‘Stem Cell Research and Critical Thinking‘ and ‘Protein Research and Critical Thinking‘ and ‘Bioengineering and Critical Thinking‘ and ‘Basic Metabolic Research and Critical Thinking‘ for Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 is now closed. Check our Courses page for links to course descriptions, registration details and deadlines.

Welcoming the 2022 CPH Bioscience PhD Team

Portrætbilleder af de nye PhD-studerende taget i fonden på Tuborg Havn.

The newest team of CBPP students started Sept 1 – and we welcomed them with an event for Copenhagen Bioscience students hosted by the Novo Nordisk Foundation in Hellerup.

Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshots

web version

We ran four Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshot events in 2022, and hosted a total of ten presenters. The last event was on Nov 23, with Hana Polasek-Sedlackova, Jan-Erik Messling and Mette Agger. Copenhagen Bioscience Snapshots are series of seminar events organized by Copenhagen Bioscience PhD students. Find more information about past and upcoming Snapshots on the Seminars page.