Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme

Fully-funded four year PhD programme in an international scientific environment


Amelia Green, Programme Coordinator:



At Panum (map above), the room numbers indicate building-floor-room. So, for example, 6-3-30 is Building 6, Floor 3, Room 30.

reNEW and CPR are largely situated in Building 6. CBMR is largely situated in Building 7 (the Mærsk Tower). The accommodation at Sølvgade is approx. 5 minutes bike ride away from Panum. Buses 150S and 15E stop near Sølvgade and at Rigshospitalet Syd on Tagensvej (above) and go to Rævehøjvej at DTU Lyngby (below).


CFB (DTU Biosustain) is situated in Building 220, Kemitorvet, DTU Lyngby (map above).