Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme

Fully-funded four year PhD programme in an international scientific environment

Supervisors 2016

These potential supervisors are offering projects for 2016 (current) students.


Josh BrickmanRegulating the transition from totipotency to pluripotency

Anne Grapin-BottonSingle cell choices and community behavior during organogenesis

Elisabetta FerrettiRole of Pbx proteins in lineage choice and mesodermal competence

Kristian HelinTargeting epigenetic enzymes in brain tumors

Elke Ober – Progenitor cell behaviours in zebrafish liver organogenesis and regeneration

Ole William PetersenThe cellular origin of human breast cancer

Bo PorseEpigenetic control in normal and malignant hematopoiesis

Henrik Semb – Cell polarity in organ shape and cellular fate

Palle SerupIntegration of Notch Signalling and Lineage Specific Transcription Factors in Organ Patterning


Søren BrunakDetecting disease comorbidities using healthcare data and systems biology methodology

Chuna Ram ChoudharyIdentifying novel regulatory mechanisms through system-wide analysis of signaling networks

Julien DuxinMechanism of DNA-protein crosslink repair in S-phase

Lars Juhl JensenNetwork biology: large-scale biomedical data and text mining

Jiri LukasMolecular thresholds of signalling pathways that keep our genomes stable

Niels MailandNew regulators of the DNA damage response in human cells

Matthias MannPatient stratification by their plasma proteomes

Michael Lund NielsenCharacterizing post-translational modifications by quantitative proteomics

Jakob NilssonRegulation of cell division by protein phosphatases

Jesper OlsenGlobal analysis of disease signaling pathways by quantitative phosphoproteomics


Ken ArnoldPublic Engagement with Metabolic Research through Exhibitions: Developing Theoretical and Practical Frameworks for Collection and Display

Manimozhiyan ArumugamSystems biology and bioinformatics for studying human microbiome in health and disease

Romain BarrèsMolecular bases of epigenetic inheritance of metabolic dysfunction in humans

Brice EmanuelliExploring the Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Insulin Action and Metabolic Functions

Zach Gerhart-HinesControl of brown adipose tissue metabolism by the body’s clock

Niels GrarupRole of the human genome in metabolic health and disease

Torben HansenThe role of the gut-liver axis in development of NAFLD

Jens Juul HolstTranslational aspects of obesity and diabetes development and treatment

Tuomas KilpeläinenInterplay between genetic and lifestyle factors in metabolic health

Filip KnopThe integrative role of the gut in human glucose metabolism – physiologic, pathophysiologic and pharmocologic implications

Oluf PedersenRole of the gut microbiome for human metabolic health

Tune PersData-driven identification of molecular risk factors for appetite regulation using single-cell genomics

Signe TorekovPotential synergistic effects of GLP-1 analogues and physical exercise on immuno-metabolic health

Jonas Thue TreebakMolecular regulation of nutrient sensing – importance of cellular NAD metabolism

Henrik VestergaardImpact of human gut microbiota and gut-brain signaling on visceral adiposity and pre-diabetes

Louise WhiteleyMedia Representation of Metabolic Research and the Relationship between Science and Society


Irina BorodinaMetabolic engineering of oleaginous yeast for production of fine chemicals

Michael Krogh JensenSynthetic biology tools for evolutionary genome engineering

Helene Faustrup KildegaardImproved production of difficult-to-express protein therapeutics in CHO cells

Alex Toftgaard NielsenOptimizing folding and expression of heterologous proteins in metabolic pathways for production of biochemicals in bacteria

Morten NørholmMembrane Proteins and Synthetic Biology

Morten SommerGenome-wide identification of elements controlling phenotypic stability

Nikolaus SonnenscheinOmics-data based cell factory design

Tilmann WeberMetabolic Engineering of antibiotics production